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Our Poetry Workshops

Update 16/5: We will be organising online workshops in the coming months. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list for more information

Join us as we take you through the fundamentals of writing poetry and celebrate the joy of written expression. With experienced workshop coordinator Will Coles you will learn how to use form to your advantage, explore how intricately linked place is with memory and get a new perspective on how the 5-senses can be used within your poetry. In addition to exploring writing principles, we will also be using significant works from poets across time to exemplify how it's done best. By the end of the course you will have a number of poems that you will have written from scratch. If you have works in progress that you would like to bring along, then we can accommodate those too. 

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100% of participants ‘strongly agreed’ with the following statements: 

    ☑  I enjoyed the course 

    ☑  I found the course useful 

    ☑ The course enabled me to work at the right pace 

    ☑  I could put my ideas across in the group 

    ☑ The course helped me improve my wellbeing 

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